Moni Wespi (CH)

Advising and pre-production support for Moni Wespi's video installations and performance projects, Moving Portraits and Countercurrent.

Born in the US, raised in Switzerland and South America, Moni Wespi trained intensively to become an olympic gymnast. As a visual artist, she continues creating over dimensional sculptures and is an prolific drawer and sculptor. Trained as as dancer and choreographer at the Laban Center (London), she has worked with various contemporary dance companies in Switzerland. Trained as dancer, choreographer, but equally interior designer and artist of recycled goods, she is inspired to develop her company Loutop’s choreographic creations in an around innovative scenic experiences since 2007. Her work as a choreographer awards her a ‘Werkstipendium’ in 2010 from the city of Zurich. Since 2014 she is working for Loutop on the creation for the new project “Moving Portrait” in collaboration with video artist Lucia Gerhardt, and she develops visual material and scenographic creations for video, theater and dance performances.



06.12.2019 - 11.02.2020 | MOVING PORTRAITS 2015-2019, Zinnema, Brussels (BE)
17-18.04.2020 | HEROES, Festival Babel, Brussels (BE)


01 - 03.05.2019 | Le Clignoteur, Brussels (BE)
03.05 - 23.06.2019 | Le Jacques Franck, Brussels (BE)
14.09.2019 | MOVING BLING, Night Shift, Vooruit, Gent (BE)
05.10.2019 | MERMAID QUEEN, Nuit Blanche, Brussels (BE)

With a tender, humorous and social critical approach into iconography, social groups and their relational behavior, Moni Wespi’s MOVING PORTRAITS provoke the questioning of fixed ideas on our identities. Turning the stage-light to focus on hidden beauties. Extending through materialization the possibility of another exterior expression and celebrating the fact that each being, moment and movement is worth taking a careful and tender look at.

TV interview of Moni Wespi on BX1 about her installation “BUGS” in Brussels (May 2019):